Escorted Safaris

professional specialist guides

Booking an escorted safari means that you or your guests are going to be looked after by one of our professional specialist guides from the minute they arrive until the minute they leave. A specialist guide is someone who has been to the camps before and has an in-depth knowledge of the reserves and a lot of previous experience. He not only guides the safaris, he manages every aspect of it. For example; luggage retrieval, medical and dietary requirements, cooking meals, paying the bills and sorting out any unexpected travel hiccups which happen in Africa despite every precaution being taken. They are a font of knowledge on the country, its politics and people. They all have a deep passion for our wildlife and understand the issues of conservation.

Escorted Safaris - African Safari Adventures
Escorted Safaris - African Safari Adventures

Your guide wakes you in the morning for game drives, gets the kettle on while you’re still rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and has the coffee ready with homemade muffins by the time you are fully awake. He spends 5-6 hours in the bush with you trying to find as much wildlife as he can for you and then repeats it again in the afternoon for another 3 hours. After that he cooks dinner for you and will sit with you afterwards to discuss the days’ events. Very few lodges do that these days. At some private lodges, the staff take it in turns to be the person on duty in the evenings and there is every chance that you won’t see a ranger at dinner the whole time you are there, let alone the ranger who you have been on game drive with. We believe that you should be able to spend the evening talking to your guide about your encounters that day, it’s all part of the experience and it’s how you learn more about the bush and its’ inhabitants

Due to the nature of the business, the people they meet and the things they experience, our rangers are great characters & storytellers, with a wealth of patience and a wonderful sense of humour. This is supported by a love of people and the wildlife whose lives and ways they share with the lucky guests travelling with them.

Open Vehicle Safaris - African Safari Adventures
Open Vehicle Safaris - African Safari Adventures

Escorted Safaris & Tours


Three (or more) Day Tour

Discover the Kruger Park at its’ absolute best on this wonderful adventure, staying in one of the Park’s Restcamps with your own guide and open safari vehicle. Enjoy delicious home-cooked dinners under the inky African night sky and thrill to the sounds of the Parks’ nocturnal inhabitants

The Authentic Kruger Experience


Four or Five Day Tour

Kruger National Park – the very name arouses evocative images of crisp, clear winter mornings with an orange sun rising from the horizon, the early morning call of lions in the distance and the whickering alarm call of the zebra; the sweet scent of Mother Africa’s greatest piece of paradise, stirred for another day of adventure; and after a day in the bush, settling down and feeling the primeval prickle of hair on the back of the neck as the hyena whoops in the dead of night.

We invite you to experience the Kruger with us and our experienced expert guides. See one of the world’s great wildernesses from the safety of our specialised, open game viewing vehicles, wallow in our comfortable safari-style tents and delight in the textures of the bush and the tastes of our delicious and imaginative camp fire cooking.

Kruger Under Canvas


Six Day Tour

This 6-day tour combines the iconic Kruger National Park with a stay at one of the top animal & bird of prey rehabilitation centres in the country. Enjoy 4 nights on safari with one of our specialist guides and then a night at Moholoholo with a rehab centre tour, a night drive and a bush walk. Then travel via some of the prettiest countryside in the Province en-route to Johannesburg

Authentic Kruger & Moholoholo Safari


Five Day Tour

This 5-day tour combines nature and scenery with time to relax in the picturesque Lowveld. Enjoy an open vehicle safari in the Kruger Park, see the wonders of the Panorama Route and delight in the anticipation of an exciting Kruger Park sunset safari. With a professional, qualified guide to escort you all the way, all you have to do is sit back & unwind!

The Kruger & Canyons Tour


Seven Day Tour

This could be described as the Three Kingdoms tour – the kingdom of the Big 5, the kingdom of the Swazi’s and the kingdom of the Zulu’s! We spend 2 nights in the Kruger searching for the Big 5, 1 night in the beautiful kingdom of Swaziland and 3 nights in the northern part of Kwa Zulu Natal, home of the Zulu’s. You will learn about the flora & fauna of all 3 areas and the rich and colourful history of these regions. An excellent tour for birders & animal lovers alike. The tour starts in Hazyview and ends in Johannesburg

The Kruger & Canyons Tour

Experience the Best of Africa


Three Day Tour

Experience an eclectic mix of cultures in these two very different African countries. Maputo still has a strong European influence from the Portuguese & French occupations and Swaziland still shows a lot of English influences. Both countries though are truly African with a fantastic history & culture that you’ll talk about for years to come!!

Maputo & Swaziland Trail


Seven Day Tour

Discover the Kruger at its best on this wonderful adventure by staying in one of the Park’s rest camps with your own guide and open safari vehicle and experience magical Mozambique and tropical seas. Mozambique is a new and upcoming destination which lies on the East coast of southern Africa, bordered by South Africa in the south west, Zimbabwe in the central west and Malawi & Southern Tanzania in the north. The 2700 km east coast is lapped gently by the warm Indian Ocean with some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches in the world, with first class diving sites and great fishing opportunities. The Mozambican people are renowned for their friendliness.

Authentic Kruger & Mozambique Mosaic


Two Day Tour

For those who would like to take their time exploring Maputo, this overnight tour includes all that the day tour has to offer but at a relaxed pace. The vibrant city of Maputo, once known as Lourenco Marques, is a city steeped in history, both European and African. The Portuguese started trading here in 1545 and the Dutch East India Company in 1720. Then the British tried to set up a trading post in 1776 but the mosquitoes got the better of them! The Portuguese came back again in 1782 but were defeated by the English, the French came in 1792 and the Portuguese came back again in 1799!! You can see all their different cultural influences while you drive around the city but Maputo is overall an African city with a great vibe.

Maputo Weekender


Three to Four Day Safari

A 3 night/4 day private, personalised safari in the World-renowned Kruger National Park. Staying in 4- bedroomed private houses, you have your own guide and your own chef. Game drive times are flexible as are meal times. This tour is perfect for small groups wanting privacy or for families who need the flexibility of choosing when they eat, when they get up in the morning or when they’ve done enough game viewing!

Private Small Group Kruger Park Safari


Six Day Safari

This exciting 6-day tour combines 2 relaxing days at the renowned Rissington Inn and 4 exciting days on safari in the Kruger National Park enjoying thrilling game drives and home-cooked meals under the stars

Scenic Vistas & Kruger Under Canvas Safari


Two Day Tour

A fascinating tour to the mountainous kingdom of the Swazi’s, one of the longest standing dynasties in Africa. Ruled since 1986 by their current King, Mswati III, who is also famous for having 14 wives!! The Swazi people are well known for their friendly and welcoming nature. The country consists of lush & fertile valleys and magnificent mountain scenery.

Swaziland Overnighter


Seven Day Tour

On this 6 night tour we have combined 3 nights in the greatest game reserve in Africa with 3 nights in the Klaserie Game Reserve, over 60,000 hectares of pristine wilderness, bordering the Kruger. Enjoy crisp, clear mornings with an orange sun rising from the horizon, the early morning call of lions in the distance, the whickering alarm call of the zebra and the primeval prickle of hair on the back of the neck as the hyena whoops in the dead of night.

The Greater Kruger Tour
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